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New Year comes with new goals. As a lady, one of your goals should be to transform your looks. There’s no doubt that your appearance speaks louder about your inner feelings. One way of achieving this goal is by applying makeup. It is imperative to note that the right makeup can deliver more than just good looks. It makes a woman ooze with confidence wherever she goes. However, most people are now looking for alternatives to the everyday makeup due to the hassles that come with applying it. The good news is that you can avoid all the trouble that come with such makeup by using permanent makeup.


Tattoo makeup overrides several disadvantages of the conventional makeup and still goes ahead to give the elegance that you always desire to have. Here are five solid reasons why you should get permanent tattoos this year:


1. Highly Reliable

Various factors can ruin your makeup, including sweat, tears, water among others. Even your occupation can make it difficult for the makeup to stay for the desired hours. For instance, medical practitioners and engineers are always undertaking intense activities that can smudge the makeup. This means that everyday makeup cannot be relied on. Permanent makeup comes with a difference. It remains on your skin, regardless of the external factors. It is also powerful enough to withstand strong forces of nature such as rain and extreme sunshine. You will look exactly the way you were when you stepped out of your house. Forget about the cheap makeup that promise you heaven, yet they end up disorienting your appearance.

The best part about permanent makeup is that it is usually applied by professionals such as those found in the HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy in Vaughan and Toronto. With professionalism, you should get nothing short of perfect results.


2. Saves Time

It is an undeniable fact that the conventional makeup makes us more beautiful. However, they are cumbersome, tiresome and time wasters. You need to set aside a significant amount of time to apply them. Otherwise, you may fail to realize your intention of looking marvelous. The sad thing is that with ordinary makeup, you have no other option but to deal with this nightmare every day.


Permanent makeup spares you from such kind of chaos by keeping you in a ready state always. The only thing that is required of you is to brighten it up, and you will be good to go. This means that you will say goodbye to the long morning routines.

3. Conceals the scars

Whether they are fresh or you got them decades ago, it is obvious that you don’t want the scars on your face to be visible. The unreliability of ordinary makeup makes it difficult to use it for covering the affected parts of your skin. Tattoo makeup can be the ultimate savior when it comes to dealing with such situations. Permanent makeup conceals the scars and gives your face a flawless appearance. Various procedures are followed to the letter during the application process to ensure that the spots match with the rest of the skin.


4. Reconstructs Your Face

Are there parts of your face that you want to make more outstanding and diminish the appearance of others? Permanent makeup can help you do that. You can use it to make your lips more prominent or smaller than their real size. You can also use it to reshape and correct your eyebrows, or even enhance your eyelashes. Note that it is almost impossible to achieve this by just applying the everyday makeup.

In fact, some people compare permanent makeup to face reconstruction surgery due to the appealing results that come with the procedure.

5. Saves You Money

If one of your resolutions this year is to save money, ditch your regular makeup kit and go for permanent makeup. Although the initial cost of applying it can be relatively high, you will end up saving some good amount in the long run. It spares you from the expenses that you incur when visiting your makeup artist or buying a makeup kit.


Permanent makeup is the way to go, and if you haven’t given it a thought, then this is the right time. Women across the globe are opting for tattoo makeup due to the numerous benefits that come with it.


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