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Permanent makeup is an ideal solution for women of all ages who want to look their best as well as enhance their professional image. This makeup technique provides an excellent way to improve your facial features in a natural and subtle way. At HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, we strive to harmonize each of our client’s facial features to achieve the optimum shape and color of their lips, eyes, and eyebrows.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is the process of implanting color pigment to the eyelash line, eyebrows or lip area by a professional permanent makeup technician to enhance your natural facial features. Our skilled and certified cosmetic tattoo technicians aim to create a shade that looks like your own. This is achieved by implanting the pigment into a very shallow layer beneath the epidermis of your skin and slightly above your dermis.

Our Toronto makeup technicians work with high-quality pigments that are shade-matched to the exact reflection of the hairs on your eyebrows and lashes, or the pink of your lips. They also work with a variety of needles, ranging from a single needle to a multi-prong needle, depending on the desired effect. For more tips on how to find the best permanent makeup artist in your city, check our blog post.

Who is an ideal candidate for permanent makeup?

  • Those who love to wake up with a fresh and natural look
  • Those who are allergic or sensitive to certain makeup products
  • Those who have a skin or hair loss disorder or illnesses
  • Those who lack the time to put on makeup each morning

Generally, permanent makeup is for any person that just wants to enhance their natural beauty without having to spend time applying makeup every single day. Note that it can also address various medical conditions, such as:

  • Alopecia
  • Camouflage scars
  • Vitiligo
  • Areola pigmentation after breast reconstruction
  • Difficulty in normal makeup application because of visual impairment, or unsteady hands that are as a result of arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis among other degenerative diseases.

Benefits of different permanent makeup procedures

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Permanent makeup provides an excellent way for clients to achieve beautifully defined eyebrows without having to apply makeup every day. Our technicians will work with you to choose a color that is most flattering to your skin tone and designing the perfect eyebrow shape for your facial features. We use a technique that mimics hair strokes to give the appearance of natural hairs. This technique can be used to fill in sparse or over-tweezed eyebrows, cover gaps that are as a result of scars, or completely reconstruct a brow.

Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Permanent eyeliner helps enhance sparse lashes and give more definition to faded lashes or those that are too light. Since it does not smudge, it is ideal for women who wear contact lenses, athletes, or women with an extremely busy schedule.

At HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, we have several different eyeliner styles that are tailored to each client’s eye shape. We provide lash enhancement services, which is typically the implantation of pigment between your lashes. This technique is highly recommended for those who never want to wear makeup, but still, want the illusion of thicker lashes.

Permanent Lip Makeup

If you feel like your lips are too thin or crooked, or are tired of retouching your lipstick or lip liner throughout the day, then permanent lip makeup in Toronto is highly recommended for creating fuller lips that are more defined. Our clients have the option to choose a color that matches their favorite lipstick color or go for a neutral one for a more natural look. Permanent lip makeup helps to add fullness, balance uneven or crooked lips and even minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the lips.

Our technicians are known throughout Toronto for their ability and expertise in creating 3D brow hair strokes. They can create the perfect eyebrows on a blank canvas, especially for people with alopecia, or those undergoing chemo treatments. What’s more, whenever our clients come back for a retouch, they can change the color of their brows to meet their current needs. For more information on permanent makeup procedures or to book an appointment, feel free to contact us to book a consultation.