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Scalp micropigmentation, also known as SMP, is a permanent cosmetic treatment for both men and women with visible scars on their scalp from past hair transplant procedures, or suffering from hair loss, thinning or baldness. This procedure works by imitating hair stubbles to camouflage scars, add the appearance of density to thinning hair and restore a natural looking hairline. Even those with alopecia can enjoy a perfectly quaffed look of a full head of hair. This treatment procedure is quite unique in the sense that the technician can effectively:

  • Replicate the patient’s hair follicles using state of the art equipment
  • Exactly match the color of your remaining hair
  • Construct the perfect natural hairline that complements your face

How does scalp micropigmentation treatment works?

Scalp micropigmentation is an extremely advanced and innovative natural-looking hair loss solution you want . . . with a less invasive approach. Our highly trained and qualified scalp micropigmentation technicians use multiple small-sized needles and natural color pigments that match your natural hair to treat your scalp tactfully. To provide consistent results throughout your head, they use an advanced computer-controlled software system to deliver flawless and precise results. All our treatments and procedures are tailored to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Why use scalp micropigmentation as a hair loss treatment?

Hair loss can be caused by various conditions such as autoimmune disorders, anemia, thyroid disease, hormonal abnormalities, and genetics. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to perform this treatment procedure with precision. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider using this procedure as a hair loss treatment:


You no longer have to waste your hard-earned money on ineffective hair loss treatments. We understand that your goal is to look your best in the shortest time possible and with as little financial damage as possible. SMP costs only a fraction of what you would pay for other hair growth treatment solutions such as a hair transplant.

Get unlimited volume

Androgenetic alopecia accounts for 95% of hair loss in women. This condition can be attributed to age, hormonal changes, stress, diet, medication, medical conditions among other causes. Hair loss may result in low self-esteem, decreased emotional well-being, depression, and anxiety in women. With some hair loss treatment procedures like hair transplant, patients end up losing even more of their hair volume within a couple of months. With the scalp micropigmentation, you will get your desired hair volume immediately after the treatment.

Realistic results

The color of your hair follicle is matched with that of your natural hair through this procedure. Our technicians make sure that hair tattoo is done following the natural direction of your hair growth for more realistic results.

Fast results and healing process

Compared to other hair loss treatments like taking medication that takes ages to show any noticeable results and an even longer healing period, this procedure only needs a few sessions to complete. This treatment does not involve a long healing process as it is a non-invasive procedure.

Little maintenance

Since no real hair is implanted in your skin, there is no need for you to invest in expensive hair products to maintain and promote their growth. You also don’t have to worry about the extra time you need each morning styling your hair. All you need is to wash the pigmented areas, use a bit of hair wax if you want to add some shine and you are ready to go.


The scalp micropigmentation procedure does not use any chemicals. This means that you don’t have to worry about any side effects during the process. Also, the treatment does not require the need for any incisions, which minimizes your risk of acquiring an infection. Although we use smaller needles to add pigmentation to your skin, you do not have to worry about experiencing discomfort as we apply a local anesthetic to keep your scalp pain-free.

Lasting solution

Finally, this procedure offers the patients who are looking to address baldness or receding hairline a permanent solution. With the right care, your SMP results can last up to 2-4 years before fading takes place but it will also depend on so many factors including the person’s lifestyle, immune system and of course their own preference.

Our expert scalp micropigmentation technicians at HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy will work and guide you through every step of the treatment to ensure you receive the best possible results for you. If you are ready to say goodbye to thinning hair and hair loss anxiety.