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Dolly Lash Silicone Shields


Dolly Style Silicone Lash Pads

Lash LIFT system shields are the key pieces in the lash lifting process to create the perfect lift. Now available in five different sizes, these shields determine the level of lift your client will receive. With precisely shaped silicone bodies, the lash lift shields are designed to create a distinct lift to natural lashes! Hello beautiful sexy lifts from the root up!

And of course the crazy mint color pads will ensure Instagram and TikTok worthy pictures and videos every time!


  • S
  • M
  • M1
  • M2
  • L


Select the correct size shield for the client’s natural lash length and desired lift level. Using the LIFT adhesive, adhere the flat side of the shield to the client’s eyelid, and press down gently until dry. Then use the LIFT adhesive to adhere the natural lashes to the front of the shield.

Can be reused if cleaned and disinfected in between use ( depending on local health requirements)

Shield Selection:

Lower lift:

Use a small shield (S)to perform a lower lash lift.

Short lashes (9-10 mm):

Use a small shield (S) for a tight lift or a medium shield (M1, M, M2) for a natural curl.

Medium Lashes (11-12mm):

Use a small shield ( S ) for a tight lift, a (M1 or M or M2) medium shield for a moderate lift, or large shield (L) for a natural curl.

Long Lashes (13-14mm):

Use a medium shield (M1, M, M2) for a tight lift, or a large shield (L) for a natural curl. A small shield ( S) is not recommended.