Finding the Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face | HD Beauty Academy

Your eyebrows are a prominent facial feature that affects your overall look. Even if your contouring is on point, messy eyebrows can ruin your appearance. Although strong, thick brows are trending right now, you should know that eyebrows are not a one size fits all. That is why you need to find an eyebrow shape that suits you perfectly. The ideal eyebrow shape will open up the whole eye area and enhance your face’s overall proportion. What’s more, it will make you look and feel young, fresh, healthy, rested and more attractive.


Getting the perfect eyebrows depends on the dimensions of your face. HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, an eyebrow expert in Vaughan shares some tips for finding the right eyebrow shape for your specific face.

Heart-Shaped Face Features:


  • Narrow and pointed chin
  • Cheeks wider than hairline
  • Widow’s peak

Although thick and bold brows are quite trendy, you might want to keep away from these one if you have a heart-shaped face. Due to the prominence in the upper part of your face and the small jawline, it is crucial that you keep your brows well groomed. The idea is to create an eyebrow shape that is precise and not bushy. A tight eyebrow shape will work well to balance the smaller chin and jawline of the bottom half on of your face without putting too much emphasis on your forehead.


Oval-Shaped Face Features:


  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Wider forehead than chin
  • The face gracefully tapers to a narrow chin

There are no hard or fast rules for oval faces. Oval-faced beauties can rock dark, light, thick or thin eyebrows and still kill the look. This well-proportioned face shape needs a classically balanced brow. You can play with angular arches that are a little softer than that of a rounded face or severe lines that are stretched towards your temples.


Square-shaped face Features:


  • The squared jawline is the most obvious feature
  • Forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines are almost the same width

The square jaw is the strongest facial feature in square faced beauties, and it accents the angularity of your face. Hence, you need to adopt a look that can soften your look and elongate your facial features for a more feminine look. Softly rounded brows with a medium thickness are the way to go. Make sure not to have your brows too angular or appear too round.


Round face Features:


  • The face is almost as broad as it is long
  • It is widest at the cheeks

Now, for the round-faced ladies, you want to make sure to contrast your rounded shape with very angular brows due to the lack of definition in your face. Perfectly angled eyebrows will help bring out and define your facial bone structure that is lacking. For a more flattering look and perfect eyebrows, go for a higher arch.


Long Face Features:


  • Forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines are all about the same width
  • The face gracefully tapers to a narrow oval chin

A long face is characterized by vertically stretched out features. If you have a long face, you will need to spread out the tails of your brows to play up the horizontal features. Preferably, have the tails of your eyebrows extend beyond the corners of your eyes. However, be careful not to stretch it too far as it will drag your eyes down making them look droopy. A straight brow would also be great as it creates the illusion of a shorter face.

Diamond shaped face Features:


  • Slightly pointed chin
  • Hairline narrower than cheeks

For this type of face shape, a rounded or curved brow will make the widest part of your face look less broad. This helps to balance out all your facial features.


With age, your eyebrows can become sparser than you like. The good news is that with a little expert help from HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, you too can enjoy well shaped and defined eyebrows. With their state of the art microblading procedure, you will not have to worry about your eyebrow shape or their fullness. This process provides you with the perfect solution for picture-perfect eyebrows without having to worry about the daily upkeep of pencils and other cosmetics. Contact HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy today (416) 475-5820 for your perfect eyebrows.