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The days of worrying about smudged or asymmetrical eyeliner are over. HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy is here with the solution to all of your eyeliner based stress. Permanent eyeliner makeup, also known as eyeliner tattoo, is the answer for those people that hate applying annoying eyeliner but love the way it makes their eyes pop. Perfect definition and fuller eyelashes are just a couple of visits to HD Beauty away. Throw away those liquid liners and say goodbye to that tired, sleepy eye look starting at just $300. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional makeup, consider getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo. HD permanent makeup offers natural eyeliner tattoos that will give you beautiful, long-lasting results. Our experienced artists will work with you to create a look that’s perfect for you, and our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your tattoo will look great for years to come. So why wait? Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


Anyone who has put on liquid eyeliner knows the immense concentration and precision the daunting task requires. Unfortunately, applying this tedious cosmetic is one of the most critical parts of many people’s daily makeup routine. Permanent eyeliner is a revolutionary time saver for the morning routines of millions of makeup wearers around the world. There are different intensities of permanent eyeliner that can suit the style of anybody. Dark or light? Thin or thick? The choice is yours. Save time in the morning and get on with your life when you choose HD Beauty for your permanent eyeliner makeup.


Permanent eyeliner can be used to completely change the shape of the eye. Whether you’d like to make your eye appear wider or smaller, permanent eyeliner can give your eye the perfect definition to match your style. The primary purpose of permanent eyeliner is to make the lashes look lush, but it also draws attention to and highlights specific features of the eye. HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy has the colors and techniques to use permanent eyeliner to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

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Here at HD Beauty, we want you to be entirely satisfied with the procedure after the work has finished. It’s for this reason that our permanent cosmetic specialists will walk you through the process step by step to illustrate exactly what’s going to happen and to eliminate any surprises. Then, they’ll work with you to decide the thickness, color, and style of eyeliner that you’d like to compliment your style. HD Beauty is dedicated to satisfying your permanent eyeliner needs to your exact parameters.


At the end of the day, permanent eyeliner is a tattoo, and we understand this can be nerve-wracking for those people that are on the border of going through with the procedure. Since tattoos, needles, and the pain associated with these are a scary subject for many people, we apply medical grade anesthetic to the area before we begin. This eliminates the bulk of the pain and discomfort that usually comes with the permanent eyeliner procedure.
Of course, there will be slight discomfort and swelling afterward permanent eyeliner is applied, but this will only last for a few days. Don’t worry – the amount of time that you’ll feel uncomfortable is nothing compared the amount of time you’ll save eliminating the eyeliner application process from your daily routine.


When applying permanent eyeliner, HD Beauty follows a strict sanitation regiment to ensure that all of our clients receive care of the utmost quality. All of our needles and pigments are used on a one-time basis to ensure cleanliness and sterilization. In fact, the pigments that HD Beauty uses are entirely comprised of FDA approved ingredients, many of which are organic.
HD Beauty takes great pride in the quality of work that we provide to our customers. Since this is a form of tattooing, HD Beauty follows many of the same cleanliness regiments that many high-end tattoo parlors would follow. When it comes to sanitation, safety, and sterilization, HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy does not mess around.


HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy is glad to provide permanent eyeliner to customers because we know how tedious and annoying the process can be. Our cosmetic professionals understand the subtle issues and headaches that liquid eyeliner can create. Smudged, runny, or uneven eyeliner can become incredibly frustrating and ruin what would have otherwise been a perfect look. Those days are gone thanks to HD Beauty and permanent eyeliner.
If you’re worried about the pain or discomfort, put your mind to ease. Medical grade anesthetic works more than you may think. So sit back, relax, and let HD Beauty’s permanent cosmetic professionals take care of you. Your wants, needs, and style will all be taken into great consideration before we get to work. Our team of professionals is here for you.


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  • Consultation FREE


Courses & Training
  • Classic Initial Set $165
  • Classic Refill 2 weeks $65
  • Classic Refill 3 weeks $85
  • Hybrid Initial Set $185
  • Hybrid Refill 2 weeks $70
  • Hybrid Refill 3 Weeks $90
  • Russian Volume Initial Set $210
  • Russian Volume Refill 2 weeks $85
  • Russian Volume Refill 3 weeks $105
  • Mega Volume Initial Set $280
  • Mega Volume Refill 2 weeks $105
  • Mega Volume Refill 3 weeks $125
  • --- First Time Client Promo $125
  • Lash Lift & Tint Treatment $140
  • --- First Time Client Promo $95
  • Eyelash Extensions Removal $30
  • Lash Tint $20


  • Day Makeup $100
  • Evening Makeup $125
  • Bridal Makeup (including trial) $250


Medical Body Tattoo
  • Areola Restoration from $100 (Book Free Consultation)
  • Scar camouflage from $100 (Book Free Consultation)
  • Under Eye PMU Concealer from $100 (Book Free Consultation)


Tattoo Removal
  • Rejuvi tattoo removal $200


Small Body Tattoo
  • Small body tattoo starting at $80


Brows Rehab
  • Brow shape $20
  • Brow shape and Tint $30
  • Brow lamination $195 $105


Permanent Makeup-eyebrows
  • Powder Eyebrows$600
  • Microblading$550
  • Combination of Powder and Microblading $650
  • Nano Hairstroke Brow$600
  • Touch up 2-5 months$150
  • Touch up 6-9 months$200
  • Touch up 10-20 months$300


Permanent Beauty Enhancements
  • Beauty Mark $80
  • Freckles $200
  • Touch up 2-5 months $150
  • Touch up 6-9 months $200
  • Touch up 10-20 months $300


Permanent Eyeliner
  • Eyelash Line Enhancement $300
  • Eyeliner Upper and Lower$550
  • Eyeliner Upper Or Lower$500
  • Lash Enhancement$350
  • Touch up 2-5 months $150
  • Touch up 6-9 months $200
  • Touch up 10-20 months $300


Permanent Lip Color Enhancement
  • Lips Blush $550
  • Lip Liner $400
  • Lips Shading$550
  • Complimentary Touch-Up Within 2 Months FREE
  • Touch up 2-5 months $150
  • Touch up 6-9 months $200
  • Touch up 10-20 months $300


  • Waves/Curls $50
  • UpDo Starting at $75


Medical Aesthetics
  • Microneedling $195
  • BB Glow Full Face $175


Happy Customers

This is the only beauty academy and salon that I would trust when it comes to receiving the highest quality service. Their extensive knowledge and skills are truly unmatched. The pricing is more than reasonable and all the girls working there are super professional. HD Beauty is definitely the best in the industry to date and I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone but them. Highly recommend!
Katya Kerro
21:48 23 Nov 22
When you want to enjoy beauty services, you always search for the best option. My goal was to find professionals who are always looking for development. Who offer exceptional quality of their products, skills and communication with the client.HD Beauty studio has high standards! Once you enter their space, you know that absolutely each and every service will be performed with the excelence.If you are still considering to search for someone else, you are definitely wasting your time and missing a lot!
Julija Sokolova
17:34 23 Nov 22
I want to express my deep gratitude to all the employees of the HD Beauty salon. I am so pleased with the attitude, workmanship, neatness and atmosphere of the salon that I want to return to it constantly. I also took a course on permanent makeup, everything is so competently and efficiently built that I want to immediately get to work. Thank you Prosperity to you and more clients and students!)
This place is so beautiful and clean. The stuff is very professional and take their time to explain the procedures and answer calls. I had my eyebrows done there and i still get so many compliments. Cant wait to book my lip appointment. Thank you HD Beauty for staying on the top of the game and always open the doors with open arms for your clients. 💜
Natalia Sirenko
13:41 22 Nov 22
Such a great professional team of Beauty artists. I’ve been there a few times and always happy with my results. I love always new technologies/technics they are bringing to their salon.
Nelia Klochkova
13:27 22 Nov 22
I can say, they are one of the best!I highly recommend them!
Leyla Samadi
20:07 23 Aug 22
I really enjoyed live webinars with Victoria. In the past I paid for similar webinars but I can say this was the best. I learned how to work with bigger configuration needles and can't wait to try Victoria's technique. Thank you for doing this 🌺
Iveta Ivanov
22:23 08 Aug 22
These ladies and HD Beauty are amazing! So packed full of knowledge and patience and always willing to share and help. They are my heroes and my mentors! I will never stop learning from these awesome ladies! Highly recommend HD Beauty for all your beauty and learning needs
Marlana Laffita
22:19 08 Aug 22
Absolutely loved my experience at HD beauty. Victoria was fantastic. She is friendly, kind and very professional. I received solution removal on my brows. Her work was very precise and well done and painless. I am incredibly happy with my results and absolutely recommend this academy to all.
Chiara Lozito
21:24 04 Dec 21
Kristina and Victoria are amazing. Clean place with very friendly staff. Amazing experience.
Khasan Aripov
19:03 23 Oct 21
My mother in law went to HD Beauty as a microblading model yesterday and her experience was amazing. She is super particular and it can be a bit unnerving having her as a client. She said that the student was amazing, and Victoria's patience and attention to detail left no chance for any mistakes. My mother in law is in love with her new brows, she says she brought back what she had 30 years ago. She saw the love that Victoria puts into her work.I was also a model for a lash line student and I can attest to Victoria's love for teaching and excellence.If you are looking to learn permanent makeup 10/10 I would recommend Victoria and HD Beauty.Thank you!
Rachel Hemi
12:26 06 Oct 21
Thank you Iryna. I had my upper and bottom eyeliner and I love them!
Lindsay López
23:51 19 Jul 21
Iryna at HD Beauty is so amazing at providing PhiRemoval services! I have been seeing Iryna to remove my microbladed eyebrows and the results have been fantastic! If you don't want to get laser to remove your tattooed/microbladed eyebrows, go see Iryna for PhiRemoval at HD Beauty. So good!
Susan Soh
18:53 16 Jul 21
Very kind and professional environment. Super clean and very efficient in there work. Will go back.
Dominick Feragola
13:37 27 Apr 21
I would recommend the HD Beauty online training experience to any student who is looking to learn a new skill or advance in their skill. I took the HD Beauty online training for Lash Lift & Tint and I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. HD Beauty Academy Online provides a downloadable PDF with the entire course curriculum and numerous video content illustrating the procedure. Further to that, they also provide content on marketing, aftercare etc. They also provide on-going support with any question or inquiries you may have after you complete the course online. In order to receive a certificate, I had to submit before and after pictures of my work on three models. Victoria and Kristina are very professional and invested in their students success. They always ensure the highest standards of learning. I had an incredible experience with their online course and I plan on taking more courses in the future. Thank you so much HD Beauty Academy!
Isia Cullhaj
23:40 26 Apr 21
Love it , everyone was so friendly .I'll definitely be back
I can't say enough about this place! I have done my permanent make-up here for my eyebrows, my lips and my eyeliner. I am blonde and have very fair skin, so I always need a bit of colour to make my features stand out. Having my eyebrows and my eyeliner tattooed makes so much difference whenever I am make-up free. I love this added brightness around my eyes the moment I wake up, while still looking very natural. Victoria (the owner of the salon) is a true professional who continues to learn and to improve. They always have some new products, pigments and tools. The place is always neat and clean (a very important feature when you work with needles). I am always greeted with a smile, hot coffee and cheerfulness. Definitely recommend and will be coming back for touch ups and other services!
Valya Sergeeva
21:04 25 Jan 21
Highly recommend!I had the pleasure of taking the PMU course with Victoria and it was awesome! I learned so much. She really gives you the confidence you need to achieve great work. She was always available to answer any of my questions, even after the course!
Sarah Zap
00:00 13 Dec 20
Amazing professionals and very nice people 👌 I followed them moving to a different location because I trusted and enjoyed their service as well as their individual and warm approach to a client Thank you ladies 😊🍁🍁🍁
margarita airapetian
11:59 25 Oct 20
Love HDBeauty, the ladies are amazing! I got my eyebrows micro-bladed by Victoria who is incredibly talented! They’re so natural and perfect, I’m so happy waking up with beautiful eyebrows everyday & not have to worry about them at the beach/on vacations.
Hai Ha Nguyen
23:36 14 Oct 20

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