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HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy is a new premium location for permanent makeup and all beauty needs. We pride ourselves on offering you the best services in permanent makeup to help you emphasize your natural beauty.


What is permanent makeup and microblading?

Frequently referred to as “cosmetic tattoo”, permanent makeup and microblading are not like traditional tattoos. Special cosmetic pigment is deposited in the upper layer of the dermis to create the most natural look. These tattoos last from 1-3 years and require touch ups to maintain the colour and shape.

Who Is A Perfect Candidate For These Procedures?

Technically anybody can be a candidate for permanent makeup or microblading in hands of an experienced artist if you are no pregnant, not breastfeeding, and do not suffer from blood coagulation disorders. Things you need to consider before getting the procedure done are: oiliness of your skin, size of pores, allergies, blood coagulation, age and your expectations.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Depending on the area treated there’s different level of discomfort. At HDBeauty we use medical grade anesthetic to reduce the pain and make the experience as comfortable as possible.

What is the difference between microblading and powder brows?

Microblading is a technique that mimics your natural brow hair whereas powder brows appear in a soft shading of the whole brow surface making it look more like an eyeshadow filling. Both procedures look extremely natural and last from 1 to 3 years. In order to decide which technique will suite you best it is recommended to come in for our initial complimentary consultation.

How will I look right after the procedure of permanent makeup and microblading?

Right after the procedure is done you will experience a little soreness and redness which will subside in 15-20 minutes. The colour is always a little more prominent than final results and will hold for couple of days. You are able to go out in public the day of the procedure of permanent makeup or microblading.

How long is the downtime?

Everyone is unique and body reacts differently to the procedure and therefore healing time might vary. Standard time for permananet makeup procedure healing is 5-7 days and microblading procedure will take 3-5 days. During your initial consultation at HDBeauty, our specialists will analyze your skin and give you precise answers.

How long does each session take?

Your initial appointment consists of consultation and procedure which takes 1.5-2 hours in total. For the touch up appointment we allocate 1.-1.5 hours depending on the area treated.

What is the aftercare for Permanent makeup and microblading?

First 3 days are the most important after initial procedure. Following things you must do in first three days:
• Wash area gently with regular bar soap and water
• Apply antibiotic ointment morning and night
• Keep area clean and makeup free
• No heavy sweating for the first 24 hours
• Do not scratch or pick on the scabs if any are formed
• If after three days you notice still swelling and redness around treated area please contact HDBeauty immediately.

How long until the makeup can be applied?

After first three days after procedure you can apply soft makeup on the treated area, avoiding hard pencils and rough brushes.

How do I take care of permanent eyeliner?

After the permanent eyeliner procedure you will experience mild swelling which will be cooled down with cold patches provided by your technician. You be reapplying antibiotic ointment for the next three days as many times as needed, do not let your eyelids dry. Swelling will last 24 hours approximately and will go down on the 2-3 days.

How do I take care of permanent lip colour?

First of all, it is very important to let your technician know if you ever had cold sore outbreaks on your lips. If so you will be asked to take a medication prescribed by a doctor prior to the procedure. After the procedure is done you will experience swelling and colour will be bright. It will take 48 hours for the top layer of color to peel; your job is to keep your lips constantly moisturized with special lip balm. After the initial session the colour will fade down to 50%, therefore it is very important to come back for a touch up in 5 weeks to achieve the desired result.

How safe is permanent makeup and microblading?

In hands of a licensed professional you are absolutely safe and have nothing to worry about. It is very important that your technician uses disposable blades and sterilizes everything properly. Ask questions about sterilization and ask your technician to show you the blade packaging. Also very important for you to ask for healed results of their work and find reviews online

Does microblading damage eyebrow hair?

Microblading is very safe procedure and when performed properly does not damage your skin or the hair follicle of your brows.

Can permanent makeup be removed?

There are several techniques to remove unwanted permanent makeup and microblading which include lasers and special medical grade removers. At HDBeauty we provide you with through consultation and options to fix your old permanent makeup.

How do we choose the shape and color of the eyebrows?

During your initial consultation you and your technician will go over all possible colors and shapes that are most suited. You will have your brows drawn on with a pencil first to have an idea of how the final result will look like.

How often do I need to get touch ups?

In permanent makeup touch ups are recommended once every 2 years whereas for microblading touch ups are done yearly. Depending on your skin color retention and how you take care of your permanent makeup the time for touch ups might vary.


What is Lash lift and Tint (LLT)?

LLT stands for Lash, lift and Tint. It’s a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions and has been designed to dramatically enhance the client’s natural eyelashes. It will look like you have perfectly curled eyelashes and the best thing about it, that it stays 6-8 weeks! To top off the treatment you can also go for a black tint which makes your lashes look like they have 24/7 mascara on them.

How does it work?

The treatment involves using silicon domed shields that lift the lashes from the root, producing a beautiful, uplifted look as if you used a high quality eyelash curler. Together with the lift and tint, this creates the fabulous illusion of longer thicker lashes.

How long does it take?

Treatment takes approximately an hour depending on the health and length of the natural lashes and also depend if you will be tinting them as well.

Is there any preparation done prior to appointment?

Please arrive to your appointment free of eye makeup! If you wear contacts, they must be removed. If it’s not possible for you to refrain from using the eye makeup then we have makeup remover and cleanser that can be used by you on the day of your appointment.

Is this like lash extension where they will look dramatically thicker?

Lash extensions and lash lifts are 2 totally different treatments that provide totally different results. There will be no lash extensions added to your own lashes. We would simply curl your own natural lashes. It will make your lashes appear fuller because they will be uplifted and tinted if tint is chosen.

What are the post treatment instructions?

Don’t get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.

Can I book at the same time with other procedures?

Absolutely! You can book it will all of our procedures at the same day.

Is maintenance required?

There is no subsequent salon visits required because this is not lash extensions where they need to be refilled to keep them full. Lash Lift lasts between 4-6 weeks as soon as you start seeing your lashes start to grow and the lift starts to fall then you can definitely book another appointment.

Can I still wear mascara?

Yes you can! However, only after your first 24 hours has passed after the treatment. Please use only water based mascara, as removal of waterproof mascara can weaken and damage the lift.

Can I use an eyelash curler?

No. There will be no need to use an eyelash curler as your lashes will already be lifted and will look better then with a curler. But, most importantly using one can weaken and damage the lift.

Will this damage my eyelashes?

No. LVL is done by one of our skilled professionally trained staff and will not cause any damage to your natural lash.

How long will it last?

A lash lift and tint can last anywhere between 6-8 weeks. Results vary client to client but if proper care taken the lift should last you almost full two months. You have to understand also result will also depend on the growth speed on your own natural lash, as your own natural lash start to grow it will start to push out the lifted one out. You can repeat the treatment after a minimum of 4 weeks of having the treatment.

Are some lashes resistant to the curl?

There are some cases where it’s hard to sustain a curl especially if you naturally have a strong cowlick or slanted growth pattern. The growth pattern can also be due to a possible eye surgery you had and often enough there is nothing that can be done. We suggest coming on in and trying it out and see how your lashes will react to the lift and then we can consult you on what we can do.

Is the procedure painful?

No. The procedure is super relaxing you might only experience some unusual feeling when will be putting on the shield but other than that the whole procedure is a good hour nap.

I use Latisse or Eyenvy or different brands of eyelash serums. Can I get this treatment?

Yes. Using any eyelash growing serum is totally safe; we also had noticed the most dramatic lifts with clients using the eyelash serums due to their lashes being so long.

What if I have a downward- pointing lashes, will this procedure suit me?

Definitely yes! If your lashes are down-ward pointing then after the lift you will have a beautiful, evenly dispersed and lifted lashes that everyone around you will envy you.

Am I a good candidate if my lashes are very short?

Most of the time it’s a yes! However, if the lashes are not long enough to be pulled back to a shield then it might be a challenge. Come on in for a consultation and we will see what can be done!

I have glaucoma, can I have this procedure?

Yes. But please always consult with your physician before undergoing any procedures.

I've recently had blepharoplasty surgery, can I have this procedure?

We suggest waiting at least 1 year from your surgery, just to get the sensitive down. After that, you should definitely consult with your physician to be 100% sure that you can do it.

I've recently had lasik surgery, can I have this procedure?

Yes, but you need to wait at least 6 months. We suggest always to consult with your physician first, before undergoing any procedures.

Who is this procedure NOT good for?

Chronic dry eye, conjunctivitis, damaged lashes or lashes with gaps (this treatment may make the gaps more noticeable), active eye infections of any kind, trichotillomania (habitual pulling out of lashes), recent chemo treatments (you will need to wait at least a year from your last treatment. We always suggest consulting your physician to be sure that you can undergo any procedures.


What are eye lash extensions?

Eye lash extensions are specifically designed to give our clients noticeably thicker and longer lashes. Individual ultra lightweight lash extensions are professionally applied to your own individual lash using a bonding agent. We use the highest quality eye lash extensions combined of silk and synthetic materials creating extensions that are shiny and glossy yet perfectly shaped and curved- perfect addition to your look for everyday use or for a special occasion.

What are Russian volume lashes?

Russian Volume lashes are for people that desire full, luminous and dramatic look. Volume technique consists of creating a handmade fan out of 2-8 extremely lightweight extensions, and then applied to your 1 individual natural lash. This technique creates a fuller look for clients who don’t have a lot of lashes, have sparse, bold spots or just want more of a dramatic look.
Lash extensions used in this technique are extremely lightweight, soft and super fine to create a perfect dramatic and full look.
We can create different sets from dramatic to very dramatic and full. Each volume set consists of number followed by a letter ‘D’. For example: 2-3D means that each individual handmade fan created for you will consists of 2 to 3 dimensional lightweight extensions applied to your each individual lash.

How does it work?

Procedure involves isolating one lash and applying single lash extension at time to the client’s natural eyelashes. Depending on the look you going the lash count vary from one individual to as much as 7 lashes creating into a fan to create the most va-va voom look.

How long does it take?

Typical eye lash extensions procedure takes minimum 1 hour, but depending on the look and set you going it can take from 60-90 minutes for Classic set. Volume Sets can take from 90-200 minutes depending on the volume set you choose. It’s very relaxing treatment, with no pain or discomfort.

How long does it last?

The lash extensions when applied with proper technique last up to the life cycle of the natural lash. As your own individual lash start to grow out it will push out the extension lash and fall out. Everyone will differ but with proper care commonly the lash extensions last up to 3-4 weeks.

Is maintenance required?

After the initial application of the lash extensions, we advise our clients to return for regular refill and maintenance appointments and those will vary from 2-4 weeks for classic sets. For volume sets we advise to come back from 3-4 weeks due to volume sets last longer than classic sets as there are more lashes applied then in classic sets. You shouldn’t wait too long to do a refill, over 4 weeks it would be considered as a new set and not a refill.

What if I don’t know what set would suit me best?

Initial appointment is included with a complimentary consultation. On consultation we discuss many styles by taking into consideration your wants and desires and choose the best possible look that will enhance your eye features and be best suitable for your natural lashes.

How do I take care of my eye lash extensions?

-Avoid Water for the first 24 hours. You want the glue to really set in so that your eye lash extensions would last as long as possible.
-Avoid direct running water on your eyelash extensions when showering
-Keep the area around the eyes and eyelash extensions clean by using wipes rather than cotton pads or balls. Cotton fibers could damage and get tangled in your eye lash extensions. (Not cute)
-Avoid Oil-Based Products (No Waterproof makeup remover)
-Avoid Waterproof Eye Products.
-Try Not To Curl.
-Comb them out every day with spoolie wand that will be given to you after your appointment.
-Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach or face flat into the pillow, you don’t want to put extra pressure on your eyelash extensions.
-Resist playing with your eyelash extensions, lashes shed on their own already and you don’t want to speed up that process by twisting and playing with them. Let it be a natural process.

If I have a big day coming up when should i do my appointment?

If you doing eyelash extensions for the first time then we recommend booking in 2-3 weeks ahead of your day, and doing a refill 2-3 prior the big day. This will not only give you time to get used to eyelash extensions but also would you give an advantage of changing styles and maybe switching things up.

Are there any preparations for my eye lash extensions appointment?

We ask all our clients to come to appointment free from any eye makeup. Any traces of makeup left on lashes can significantly ruin the process of bonding of eyelash extension to your own natural lash, which can ruin the whole lifecycle of eyelash extensions. If it’s not possible for you to refrain from using the eye makeup then we have makeup remover and cleanser that can be used by you on the day of your appointment.

If you wear contact lenses we ask that you either would need to throw them out or bring a container where you can put them in while doing the procedure. Due to the length of your appointment and with your eyes closed the whole time, contact lenses can dry up your eyes and cause extreme discomfort. It will be a much pleasant experience if you just let your eyes rest without anything in them.

Can I have eyelash extensions if I have sensitivities to make up or any related beauty products?

Before the appointment we will ask you to come in a day before to do a “Patch Test”. Where a small amount of product we use will be places on to your lashes of a sensitive part of your skin to see if you get any reaction and whether you will be a good candidate for the procedure.

Will my natural lashes get damaged by putting eyelash extensions?

No and No. That is the biggest myth. Eyelash extensions placed properly will NOT damage your own natural lashes. Just make sure to follow the maintenance routine it will not only prolong your wear but bring less damage to the eyelash extension and natural lash itself.

Can you swim and shower with your lash extensions?

Yes. The bonding agent we use for your eyelash extensions is waterproof which will allow you to swim and participate in all water and sweat related activities. We will stress that you need to wait 24 hours before your get your eyelash extensions wet to let the bonding agent to dry completely.

Can I use mascara on my eyelash extensions?

Yes you can use mascara on your eyelash extension if you need to. The only mascara you can use must be water based and not waterproof and do not use any oil products to remove it or it will damage the bonding agent and ruin the eyelash extensions all together. However, we wouldn’t suggest using mascara because the eyelash extensions we use already come in beautiful black glossy finish that curved perfectly to resemble the natural lash and create a full and sexy look.

How will lash extensions change my make up routine?

Well, it will definitely give a whole lot of extra time in the morning because you would be waking up looking fresh and fabulous. It’s best to stay away from using mascara, eyeliners, and eye shadow or eye curlers. Most mascara and eyeliner products will damage the bonding agent in the eyelash extensions so we suggest refraining from using any products that contain petroleum in them. If you do need to get a full on makeup look then please just remember to use oil free cleaning products.

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