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Hair loss and the resultant consequences can trigger negative emotions in men and women alike. When you realize you are beginning to experience even the mildest case of hair loss, it is natural to seek for immediate solutions. One of the safest solutions is scalp micropigmentation.

To understand the significance of this elaborate, yet non-invasive procedure, it is vital to examine the causes of hair loss. By age 35, most men will have started that dreadful descent into baldness. And it isn’t just a male problem. Women also suffer from alopecia.

Scalp Micropigmentation as a Hair Loss Solution

Some of the procedures and products promise to ignite hair growth in a short period. Unfortunately, most of these procedures fail to deliver on those promises. Patients are, therefore, left with piled up bills and prescriptions that remind them of failure. Scalp micropigmentation is an extraordinarily safe and viable procedure with a proven track record.

It is a slightly invasive cosmetic procedure where a scalp micropigmentation technician injects color pigment directly into the scalp. After the process, the patient’s scalp acquires the semblance of a closely shaved head. This procedure is permanent.

Scalp micropigmentation is recommended as a viable option whether you’re dealing with age-related hair loss, alopecia, thinning or extensive post-procedural scarring. It is also a great option when all you want is to add density to your hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation Benefits

Upon the onset of baldness, most patients try to explore other options. These could range from hair transplants to temporary fixtures such as wigs. However, each of these solutions carries their set of disadvantages. Topical tonics, sprays and other over the counter options may be ineffective-even harmful. Hair transplants are high maintenance. Wigs and hairpieces are labor-intensive. Scalp micropigmentation, on the other hand, is a permanent, high-value, and low maintenance procedure with many amazing benefits, including the following:

Long-term efficacy

Hair loss treatment regimens sometimes require numerous follow-ups. However, under the skillful hands of our professional, a successful procedure should last you up to 2-4 years. Given its low maintenance reputation, the least post-procedural uptime you can expect from HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy is two years. Even better, if the pigment starts to fade, you can get restorative pigmentation redone.

Minimal invasion

Think of scalp micropigmentation in Toronto as acupuncture for the scalp. Using small needles, a technician works with you to settle on a color pigment that integrates seamlessly with your natural skin tone. The key to its success does not only lie in the instruments. High-level software assists during the procedure to ensure full dome coverage. This process does not require any incisions. Although it may take up to two or three sessions to get the complete look, the result is a beautiful illusion that instills confidence.

Low maintenance

Keeping up with hair appointments and hairpiece replacements can get jarring. Successful SMP only needs proper care and maintenance to sustain the pigment’s luster. Maintenance could be as simple as applying some oil on the scalp or waxing to bring out a prominent shine.

The Looks

SMP has 3 key advantages that assist in creating a polished finish. It takes the form of a close shave. The computer systems and small needle combination perfectly imitate hair follicles. Whether the purpose of the procedure is to cover up scarring, combat the effects of alopecia or add density, you can retain your natural hair color. SMP creates a perfect, natural-looking hairline that makes a personal statement about you.

Quick uptime

Topical treatments will take months before yielding tangible results. Invasive procedures could compromise your daily activities due to long healing periods. With scalp micropigmentation, you could be up and about in virtually no time. The process is relatively painless, does not cause scarring, and it’s not necessary to use additional medication.

Due to the sophisticated detail involved, it is crucial that you get this procedure done by certified, tried and tested scalp micropigmentation technicians. HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy has state of the art machinery and industry-certified technicians dedicated to giving you a fresh, sharp look.