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Eyelash Extension Training

The process of permanent eyelash extension application is a meticulous and highly technical one. An untrained eye can seriously botch this procedure – which is why it requires beauty professionals or cosmetologists to be performed correctly. The difference between regular false lashes or “falsies” and eyelash extensions is that while false lashes are applied as a single strip, eyelash extensions are applied lash by lash to create a longer and more glamorous look. HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy can teach you techniques and methods that can kick-start you into the world of a permanent cosmetic application before you know it.


Allow HD Beauty’s trained makeup artists and cosmetologists to educate you using one of the most comprehensive training courses on the market. Our certified professionals take the utmost care and provide critical attention to students to ensure that they grasp each and every concept that is introduced. Through hands-on training and live demonstration, you’ll learn what’s what about eyelash extension application in the most time saving and effective ways possible. Above all else, you’ll learn what’s really important: how to apply eyelash extensions in a professional and state-of-the-art way.

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Classic Eyelash Extension Beginners Course


Our beginner training program covers a wide variety of subjects that will help you become a professional in the eyelash extension game. From the nitty gritty but ultra important health and safety section to the actual application of the extensions, we’ll go in-depth as needed to make sure you fully understand the procedure that goes into eyelash extensions. You’ll learn about taking care of the eyelash extensions once they’ve been applied, touching up extensions, and removing the extensions, just to name a few topics.


HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy’s Eyelash Extension Training program is designed to put the average, aspiring permanent beauty expert right into the action. Hands-on training may be the best learning experience, especially for permanent makeup procedures. Learn from professionals in the industry that care about educating you in the art of permanent cosmetics. Follow your dreams of becoming a beauty professional and enroll in HD Beauty’s Eyelash Extension Training program today


• Health & Safety

• Eyelash Theory and The Anatomy of Natural Eyelashes

• Treatment Area Preparation

• Products & Tools

• False Lashes Types

• Adhesives and Allergies

• Client Consultation & Preparation

• Eye shape and Designs

• Application of Eyelash Extensions<

• Practice on Mannequin Head (we provide live models)

• Touch Up & Refills

• Damage Prevention

• Aftercare

• Removal of Eyelash Extensions

• Frequently Asked Questions

• Marketing Tools

This is only a general course overview and the content is subject to change.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Training


Russian volume eyelash extension is an advanced application technique. Being certified in this procedure is sure to put you ahead of the permanent cosmetology game. Russian lashes provide a bigger, bolder, and more dramatic look in a light-weight feeling and delicate appearing package. Volume lashes involve shaping 2 to 6 extra fine lashes into a “fan” and placing it on each individual lash of the client. This process is incredibly tedious and time-consuming if done by an untrained hand. Thanks to HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, you can be an expert in Russian volume lashes and place yourself ahead of the game.

Day 1. 10am-5pm

• Products & Tools

• How to create perfect 2D-6D fan

• Practice perfect fan

• Correct Glue Dipping Method

• Application of Volume Lashes

• How to clean lashes and do a refill in volume extensions

• Practice on Mannequin Head & Live Model (we provide models)

• Aftercare

• Frequently Asked Questions

• Marketing Tools


You must be a licensed lash technician and have at least 3 month of experience with Classic Extensions Technique or have completed our Beginner Eyelash Extensions Course

This is only a general course overview and the content is subject to change.

Lash Lift Training


Learn an exquisite lash enhancement technique from HD Beauty professionals. Lash lift curls natural lashes using a perming solution, where each lash is lifted individually which makes it perfect for any lashes length. Together with the course, you will receive: Certificate of Course Completion in Lash Lift Training Starter Kit which includes: 3 Lash Lift Lotions enough for over 15 procedures, 3 silicone shields (small, medium and large) 15 Gel pads, Lint-free flocked applicators, Lash Pick, Mascara wands, Soap Pump and Water bottle, face mask and head bonnets, and detailed Manual.

Day 1. 10am-5pm

• Introduction What is Lash Lift and How does it work

• Eyelash Theory and the Anatomy of Natural Eyelashes

• Indications and contraindications

• Products and tools used

• Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization<

• Full Procedure protocol

• Setup and Cleanup of your workstation

• Post Care and Maintenance

• Troubleshooting and Tips

• Advertising and Social media management

This is only a general course overview and the content is subject to change.

Customized Training 1-on-1 With The Instructor

At HD Beauty Academy we cater to the individual needs of every student. For that reason, we are happy to offer customized individual training for every program that we offer at HD Beauty Academy. All dates and pricing will be quoted depending on the program or combinations of programs you choose. Please send us an email or give us a call for more information.

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