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Stayve Repair Cream  (Box contains 1g x 100 Packs each)
Stayve Repair Cream is a dermatologist-approved skin care product which is designed to heal and revitalize irritated skin after laser treatment including semi-permanent treatment and MTS.
This product helps to restore skin health and rejuvenate the skin with a high content of lanolin and bio-peptide which provide instant and soothing and calming effects to damaged skin. Furthermore, since this alcohol-free formula is safe and beneficial for all types of skin, you can apply this cream to your face and neck on a daily basis without feeling any skin irritation.
Stayve brand is by far the best semi-permanent foundation product and meso serums for micro needling in the market specifically formulated for BB Glow treatment. The product can be used with micro needling and derma rollers too.

This is a semi-permanent foundation treatment is suitable for any type of skin with 3 different kinds of BB coverage color(mainly organic Colour pigment from plant-based) to suit and blend into your skin to make it look dewy and radiant. You can add the awesome meso serums ampoules to the skin color as a booster cocktail for added benefits and results. Suitable for even Men to do. There are also many benefits to make the skin healthier over time.



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