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Advanced Under Eye Camouflage Training

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HDBeauty Under Eye Camouflage Advanced Training

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Under Eye Camouflage Advanced Training


This procedure is performed under the eyes and on the eyelids to eliminate the spider veins, blue, purple, and brown darkness that comes through the skin creating those unwanted dark circles. This procedure will leave your skin looking youthful, even in colour, and fresh.

Primarily dark circles give off a tired, aged, and bruised look which is difficult to get rid of. The reasons for the appearance of these aesthetic defects can be from a lack of vitamins, consistent lack of sleep and hereditary. Modern cosmetology offers a solution to this problem through tattoo camouflage. There are many different ways to mask dark circles through makeup, injections, skin brightening serums, but none of them compare to the long term effects like under eye camouflage. These results are seen instantly and cover the entire unwanted area.

Dark circle camouflage under the eyes is the only way at the moment to make skin defects as invisible as possible.

The procedure consists of a layer-by-layer injection of a medical pigment with reflective particles in the periorbital area (under the eyes).


Benefits of the procedure

  • Pigments do not contain hazardous elements and compounds, have passed dermatological tests, are non-toxic and do not cause allergic reactions
  • The procedure is performed with topical anesthesia and is absolutely painless
  • Thanks to the use of medical pigment with reflective particles, the masked effect does not alter in pigmentation when exposed to the sun
  • No rehabilitation period needed

Camouflage is a laborious process and not a one-time procedure. The number of procedures is determined individually, depending on the characteristics of the body and tissues.


About the Course

If you are looking to master camouflage techniques and increase your customer flow, then this course is for you. The total duration of the course is 2 days. Classes are held individually or in small groups as the students will be watched very closely in practice. The course is designed for already practicing masters who would like to expand their knowledge in the field of derma pigmentation and aesthetic camouflage.

The course fee includes:

  • Course workbook
  • Colour theory
  • Pigments and machine
  • Practice models provided
  • Marketing strategies
  • Photography tips
  • Ongoing support from your trainer

The training will incorporate practice on real models, which we will provide for you. (If you have your own please let us know). Most of the course is devoted to the practical training techniques on models and of course theory. The course is conducted by Olga Alekseev, a practicing and certified master specialist in paramedical tattoo and aesthetic dermapigmentation with over 6 years of experience.

What the course consists of

DAY 1.
  • Filling out the contract and medical history
  • Learning how to carry out a consultation from beginning to end
  • knowledge of what clients are and aren’t candidates for this procedure

Theoretical part:

  • What is the camouflage procedure?
  • Medical contraindications for the procedure.
  • The anatomy and structure of the skin.
  • Causes of dark circles and main treatments. Cases when only camouflage will help.
  • Basic principles for the selection of pigments. Which pigments are best for camouflage procedures?
  • How does the pigment behave in the skin and after the procedure.
  • Understanding pigment structure and tones
  • Introduction to the colour wheel and how to use different colours
  • Classification and selection of needles, apparatus, modules and cartridges for dermapigmentation.
  • Learning how to properly set up and sanitize your station and tools
  • Proper after care instructions
DAY 2.

Practice on live models:

  • Setting up the machine
  • Learning how to choose the right colour
  • Proper use of the machine when it comes to tattooing on the eyelid and under the eye
  • Proper stretching technique and hand coordination.

Marketing Material for Social Media:

  • Photos of our works/portfolios (Before and After) for posting on your social networks and making it easier for our students to get their first clients.
  • Graduation and my on going support on your new journey

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