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Eyelash extensions can make all the difference between a simple look and a glam look. They give your lashes a fuller look that you cannot quite get from merely applying mascara. Just know that eyelash extensions Toronto enhances the fullness, thickness, and length of your lashes.

Over the years, eyelash extensions have grown in popularity as more and more women lack the patience to apply faux lashes every day. Although the best eyelash extensions look real, you may possibly be putting yourself at risk for irreversible damage if you pick the wrong technician for the application. Here are a few things you should know before getting eyelash extensions:

You can make it personal

While false eyelashes are a one size fits all, extensions are a custom job. First, there are several levels of volume sets that come in varying shapes and thicknesses. Fortunately, our highly trained and experienced eyelash extension technicians know just the right one to use based on the look you are after. Whether you want to add length to your lashes, a curl, go full diva glam or just to fill in a sparse fringe, our eyelash extension technicians know just how to achieve that.

They start off by evaluating your brow bones, natural lash base, and facial structure before getting started. They know the right amount of lashes for your bone structure, and even more importantly, what your natural lashes can handle and far as weight and length. Getting a variety of lash lengths ensures that your fringe continues looking natural as it grows out.

Clean your lashes (Extensions are H2O friendly)

This is one of the most common mistakes eyelash extension clients make. Failing to clean their eyelash extensions in the fear that it might damage their freshly done lashes. At HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, we love to remind our clients that these extensions are water friendly, and just because you have them does not mean that you should avoid water or water activities.

Your eyelashes exist to prevent dirt and debris from getting into your eyes. Over time, the makeup you put on, dirt, debris and dead skin cells tend to build up on the lashes, making them harder to refill. We always advise our eyelash extensions Toronto clients to sandwich their lashes between two reusable lip gloss applicators soaked in oil-free makeup remover and gently glide them down their lashes. This helps to remove all the makeup, dust, debris and pollens as well as prevent them from getting tangled.

Do not use oil-based products near your lashes

If there is one rule that you must follow when maintaining your eyelash extensions, it is to avoid anything formulated with oil near your eyes. Oil can destroy the adhesive on your lash extensions, which might make them fall off sooner. Instead, opt for a gel-based eye cream, gel-based moisturizer, and cleansing water.

Only go for a fully trained and qualified eyelash technician

Did you know that anyone can learn how to apply eyelash extensions on YouTube? Yes! Chances are you do not want a self-taught technician applying glue with sharp tweezers near your eyes. Before booking that eyelash appointment with the next random technician you find on the internet, take the time to do a thorough research on them.

Eyelash extensions are neither a DIY affair nor a fleeting commitment. A fully trained eyelash extensions technician is taught how to isolate each strand of eyelash hair for extension application properly. They are also taught about the chemistry involved in the procedure and the ingredients contained in the glue. This way, you can be sure that all products being used do not contain harmful components like formaldehyde.

Skip the Caffeine

Avoid taking coffee right before your eyelash extensions appointment as it may cause your eyes to flutter or twitch during the application. This makes it difficult to get each lash properly isolated and bonded. Even worse, it can be potentially hazardous since the technicians use sharp tweezers and bonding glue.

Before searching online for eyelash extensions near me, personal recommendations from friends, reviews on a technician’s website are invaluable for offering insight into both quality of service and the style of lashes the company provides.

At HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, we use only the best material in eyelash extensions to give our clients a beautiful, glossy, perfectly shaped addition to their aesthetics. Our Eyelash extensions technicians are highly trained and qualified. Hence, you can trust them to make your lash dreams come to reality.

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