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Tired of reapplying lipstick and lip liner that seems to chap or dry your lips? You will also be amazed by how much you spend on lip liner and lipstick each year if you ever tried to add up the math. If you’re looking to cut this cost and still keep your lips looking glossy and preserved, a permanent lip tattoo might be just what you need.

A lip tattoo can dramatically enhance the appearance of your lips giving you a fuller and more defined shape. A tattoo will eliminate the need to use a lip liner pencil because your lip borders will be perfectly designed already. You also never have to worry about your colors smearing, fading, rubbing off or getting on your teeth. Below is a detailed look at some of the main benefits of lip tattoos.

1) Non-Invasive Option

Lip tattoos will visually transform your lip’s appearance. It will give you those seductive, fuller lips you have always admired without having to go for filler injections. Procedures such as those performed at the HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy are non-invasive and affordable. A typical tattooing procedure involves the use of medical-grade aesthetic which helps to minimize the pain and make your experience comfortable.

At the end of the procedure, you will enjoy having sexier and fuller lips at all times. Cosmetic tattoo procedures can also be used to rectify defects such as lip unevenness, sun damage, or excessively thin lips. The procedure adds beauty, convenience, as well as confidence. Lip tattoos are a handy option for women who don’t want to use invasive lip correction procedures and those who suffer from allergies.

2) Long-Lived Results

Lip tattooing is much like the traditional tattooing as it involves implanting natural hypoallergenic pigments in the upper layer of your skin, which guarantees long-lasting results. While the lip color might experience some mild fading over time, the results can be sustained and enjoyed for years. If any signs of color fading show up, all you need is to simply go for a touch up to restore the shape, definition, and color of your tattoo.

Given that the results of lip tattoos don’t last forever is an advantage for when a makeup trend changes or when you feel like changing your style and color. You can always try something new and enhance your appearance when your current tattoo eventually fades away.

3) Affordable

The best part about lip tattoos is that they are often quite affordable and won’t bloat out your makeup expenses. The alternative methods of lip enhancement such as injections cost crazy amounts of money and may come with more risks than benefits depending on where you decide to have the procedure done. Lip tattoos on the other hand typically cost an extremely modest amount of money. A permanent lip color enhancement, for instance, can cost anywhere between $200 to $550 in Greater Toronto Area.

4) All Day Long Lip Color

You no longer have to reapply your lip liner or lipstick a number of times in a day. That has now been changed by cosmetic lip tattoos. With a lip tattoo, your color won’t change or fade when you drink or eat. You will not leave any lipstick marks on cups or when kissing the person you love. You will have beautiful and bright lips at all times. It will also save you from the mess and hassle associated with applying a lipstick.

If you want to enjoy a permanent lip color, you will love the lip blending procedure. It will create a clear outline and blend the color of your choice into your lips. The end result is a long-lasting soft lip line and fuller lips in addition to the beautiful color.

5) Therapeutic

As already mentioned, lip tattoos can be a great way of concealing problematic areas of your lips. It can be used to redefine an existing outline and shape of the lips after damage by mild burns, sunburns or scarification as a result of certain medical conditions. Victims suffering from oral cancer often experience excessive de-pigmentation as a result of chemotherapy treatment and can benefit from lip tattooing procedures.
As you can see, lip tattoos come with numerous benefits and advantages. They are primarily done to boost the pigmentation and form of the lips. They can save you from having to reapply lipstick or lip liner several times a day while maintaining the color of your choice.

By having a lip tattoo done, you will never have to be concerned about your colors smearing, fading or rubbing off as you eat or drink. Additionally, you will archive sexier, fuller lips with cutely defined lip lines. If you’re looking for a lip tattoo service in Vaughan or Toronto, feel free to check out HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy for their exceptional offers.