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When you opted to get that piece of artwork on your skin, you made a permanent commitment. Whether for personal reasons, religious or simply to make a statement, that tattoo represented who you were at that given point in time. But if it doesn’t quite fit in with who you are today, laser tattoo removal can help.

Life is constantly changing, and so are we.

Your tattoo may no longer fit your past beliefs, lifestyle, or career goals. If you find yourself wishing for a time machine to take you bad to the day you went under the needle, it might be time to consider laser tattoo removal.

Tattoos are an art, so is removing them, and HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy can help.

For those Toronto residents looking to laser off their faded memorabilia, they often turn to experienced experts like HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy to get the job done right.

Regardless of the clinic you choose, it’s essential to make the most of your decision by ensuring your laser tattoo removal experience is successful.

1) Laser Tattoo Removal – Know What to Expect

The first step in a laser tattoo removal is generally a consultation with your tattoo removal technician. After your consultation, we will make your appointment for your initial treatment at a Toronto location that is local to where you live or work.

During the treatment, your tattoo removal technician will use specially designed lasers to penetrate specific layers of your skin. This process breaks tattoo pigment into small pieces that your body can effectively remove on its own through natural biological processes. Each treatment typically lasts between 20 minutes and one hour, and often multiple treatments may be necessary depending on your situation.

During each session, you may feel light burning or stinging. If you’re uncomfortable, let your technician know and they will work to help make you more comfortable.

2) Prepare for Your Appointment

During your initial consultation, your laser tattoo technician will give you exact instructions on how to prepare for your appointment. In general, you’ll need to shave the area one day before your scheduled laser tattoo removal session. On the day of the appointment, you will want to keep the tattooed area free of oil, lotion, makeup, and deodorant.

3) Toronto Laser Tattoo Removal – Have Realistic Expectations

The colors in your tattoo and the size of the artwork influence how many treatments will be required to fully remove the ink. For example, black ink is more easily removed than bright colors like yellow and orange. Large tattoos take longer, but old tattoos that have faded may be removed more easily.

Afterwards, you may experience some redness and tenderness, but overall there is minimal downtime involved with laser tattoo removal. This method of removal is a safe and proven way to remove tattoos effectively, and there is a very little chance of scarring. However, on occasion, the treated skin may end up being a bit darker or lighter than the surrounding skin.

The number of treatments needed varies, but in general, you will need a minimum of three to five treatments normally scheduled about 10 weeks apart.

4) If You Smoke, Consider Quitting

If you’re a smoker, you may want to quit if you plan on getting a laser tattoo removal. Toronto clients, as well as others, have found that smoking can slow down their recovery time. This is because smoking inhibits your body’s ability to heal. You don’t need to wait for long after quitting. Your body’s ability to heal is improved after a few months of being smoke-free.

5) Follow Your Aftercare Instructions

After your treatment, you will need to avoid exposing the area to sunlight. You should also avoid tanning beds and keep the area free of creams, lotions, and makeup. You can wash the area with soap and water. You should also avoid wearing clothing that will rub or press on the area.

Toronto Laser Tattoo Removal – Get Started Today!

A tattoo doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. Experienced professionals, like the staff members of HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, can remove your tattoo safely and with minimal inconvenience. Give us a call (416) 475-5820 today to schedule an appointment, or stop by one of our conveniently located Toronto locations.

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