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Microblading and Eyebrow Tattoo trend in Toronto

Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, but who would not want to flaunt a gorgeous look to behold? When appearance plays a crucial part in enhancing the beauty of an individual, one would want to make sure that they look attractive as naturally as possible. This is one of the main reasons for the raging demand for microblading in present-day scenario. This latest semi permanent eyebrow makeup technique is gaining popularity by the day. It is way more effective and permanent than a pencil, stencil, gel or pigment in providing shapely yet natural looking eyebrows.

Microblading is also commonly referred to as eyebrow embroidery or microstaking. In this technique, a well-trained and experienced professional makeup artist uses a manual tool to etch patterned lines along one’s sparse eyebrows to fill them up in a way that imitates the natural pattern of one’s eyebrow hair growth. The artist implants pigment simultaneously along those etches, making this a form of tattoo technique for the face. This results in fuller and shapely eyebrows that appear completely natural. This emerging technique is making its way to various salons and makeup academies across Canada including the well-established HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy who service clients from Vaughan and Greater Toronto Area.

How To Get Ready

Anyone who is getting ready for this makeup treatment should stop using retinol, consuming alcohol and taking aspirin 7 days prior to the treatment. According to professional artists, blood thinners, retinol, alcohol and aspirin make the skin layer thin and delicate, causing one to bleed more during the procedure. This is the reason why one should avert such blood thinners prior to the treatment.

The Treatment Procedure

This makeup treatment helps achieve natural and shapely eyebrows with the help of a hand-held, sharp blade that contains 7 or more microneedles. Rather than making an outline and then filling that outline with color, this semi permanent eyebrow makeup technique allows strokes (similar in appearance to hair) to be placed right into one’s skin. Unlike the traditional method of tattooing where coil/rotary machine with needles is used for pushing the ink through the skin’s seven layers, this technique incorporates the use of manual blade that targets pigment into three layers of one’s skin. The superficial setting of the pigment along with crisp and sharp strokes ensures that the makeup looks like actual hair.

Why Opt For Microblading?

If someone is still confused and reluctant to opt for this new and advanced makeup treatment, then the following benefits will help them reach a decision.

This treatment lowers the time duration required for getting ready- one does not need to spend hours trying to make their eyebrows appear normal and attractive anymore.

For those suffering with skin related ailments such as alopecia or chemo resultant hair loss, this is a great way to get natural looking eyebrows.

  • It does not smear off or smudge, even if one needs to exercise on a regular basis
  • The effects of this treatment last from 1 to 3 years
  • The color of the pigment does not change, but loses saturation
  • The procedure is virtually painless and completely safe


Aftercare Is Equally Important

Once the treatment procedure is over, one needs to be very careful- aftercare is crucial. One cannot wash face using water or get involved in sweaty exercises right after the procedure. There are some cases of redness and itching sensation in the initial week post procedure, which can be averted by applying petroleum jelly. Although, the eyebrows will appear darker initially, but with time the color will fade as much as 40%. One should not apply any makeup on the eyebrows till such time that the healing process is complete. It is also advised that one avoids direct sunlight for a month (or 4 weeks) after the procedure. In case one fails to follow the instructions of aftercare, they will have to face the consequence of poor results.

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