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Are you thinking about microblading your eyebrows, but too worried that the whole procedure might hurt? Although the microblading process involves needles and depositing color pigments into your skin, it is not nearly as painful as you might imagine it to be. Microblading eyebrows don’t have to be painful, especially if your Toronto microblading technician follows the right precautions to help reduce the discomfort.

What is microblading?

Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent makeup technique. This technique employs the use of a handheld tool that holds 6-14 needles. These needles simultaneously drop pigments of color into the eyebrow skin while making individual strokes to mimic hair strands. The result is a perfect set of full and luscious brows.

Does microblading eyebrows hurt?

The one part that tends to freak out most people is the use of the microblade. But fear not. Microblading is less painful than getting a tattoo, but slightly more painful than getting a wax or plucking out your eyebrows. What’s more, at HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, we use a special topical numbing cream to help decrease the discomfort on your skin. The lidocaine numbing cream is similar to what dentists use for their procedures, only this time, it absorbs through the skin. It is also similar to what dermatologists use before undertaking the laser resurfacing procedure. This cream is quite potent, yet safe to use on your skin and helps to reduce any unpleasant sensation during the application of pigment into your skin.

The microblading eyebrows procedure

The first appointment takes approximately 2 hours. It involves consideration of your brow shape and hair color. During this appointment, our highly skilled technicians designs and measures the shape of your eyebrows carefully based on your eye placement, bone structure and face shape among other factors. After that, they go ahead to pick a pigment that matches your natural color and numb your eyebrow area using a lidocaine cream before placing the pigment under your skin.

Immediately after application, the color might look too dark, making your eyebrows look bigger and bolder. However, the pigment starts to fade and loses about 50 to 60% of its intensity after a few weeks, leaving you with a softer and powdered look.

Microblading procedure training

Designing an eyebrow shape that matches your facial structure and choosing the right pigment that harmonizes with your skin’s undertone is vital to the success of the treatment.

The Second Appointment of the microblading eyebrows procedure takes place anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks of the initial appointment. It is usually a 30 to 60 minute appointment that involves adding more pigment to the brow area. This appointment is vital since as the brows heal, some areas might not hold the pigment well compared to others, which is completely normal.

Microblading Eyebrows Aftercare

Taking care of freshly microbladed eyebrows is neither hard nor time-consuming. Depending on your skin type, we highly recommend dry healing for a few days or applying a special aftercare balm twice a day. We also advise our clients to avoid;

  • Sunbeds
  • Applying makeup to the brow area
  • Jacuzzis, chlorinated pools, saunas, salty water
  • Picking scabs, itch or tug the eyebrow area
  • Getting the area wet for up to 10 days

HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy prides itself on its world-class trained microblading eyebrows technicians who are passionate about what they do. They provide exceptional microblading services using state of the art techniques and equipment to create customized eyebrows to fit their client’s facial features.

Eyebrow Microblading FAQ

How long does microblading on eyebrows last?

This varies from one person to the other, depending on their skin type, genetics, diet and environmental factors. It can be anywhere from one to three years before a new treatment is required. However, you will need several color refresher boosts to maintain your brows during the time. It is also important to know that microblading lasts for less time on people with oily skin. It can last between 6 to 8 months, whereas on a normal to dry skin, it may last up to three years.

Does microblading eyebrows hurt?

Overall, although you might experience a little discomfort during the procedure, the results of microblading eyebrows are worth it. However, it is important that you take the time to research on the various licensed technicians in Toronto who are artistically trained and can evaluate your face properly to achieve the perfect set of eyebrows.

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