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Rejuvi Scarcare Gel


Scarcare gel 14.5g, is ideal for the scars.

Most of the products for the scars are gels with silicone-based formulation.

Gel for the scars-Rejuvi Scarcare Gel – base contains a special formulation of deionized water, potassium iodide, potassium sorbate, licorice extract and xanthan gum. Suitable for an effective relaxation of the hardening of the skin and an even distribution of collagen. Rejuvi Scarcare Gel prevents hardening (scars) skin after diseases, handling and treatments that can produce them (Burns, operations). Scarcare Gel helps to decrease the hipertoficas recent scars, keloids and also indicated to treat habitual redness after aggressive treatment on the skin.

Recommended after a treatment of skin whitening or micropigmentation/tattoo removal method Rejuvi Tattoo Remover, also after surgical intervention or other invasive treatments.