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Lash extensions are all the rage lately, with women of all ages reaping the benefits of having perfect eyelashes with almost no effort. If you have been wondering what eyelashes are; they are individual lashes made of mink, silk or even human hair. These lashes are attached to your existing eyelashes semi-permanently to add length and volume. If you have been dreaming of waking up with luscious lashes every single day, eyelash extensions are the way to go.


Confidence and Style

Lash extensions do much more than just opening your eyes and saving you the trouble of mascara. They also give you a feeling of glamour and confidence as you go about your day to day activities. At HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, we believe that every woman should be able to live each day feeling beautiful and confident. And what better way to boost your confidence than to get lashes? The confidence you get from realizing that you no longer need tons of makeup to leave your house changes your overall lifestyle for the better. We make sure to customize your style of lashes to compliment your overall look.Eyelashes give your natural lash length, thickness and darkness that looks naturally beautiful.


It Is a Lavish Procedure

Getting your lash extensions from HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, that is located in the city of Toronto cannot get any better. All you need to do is lie down in one of our cozy beds and close your eyes for approximately 90 minutes while listening to relaxing music playing in the background. In the meantime, our highly trained and certified stylist will work her way through your eyelashes, attaching feathery eyelash extensions. By the time we are done, your eyelashes will be looking incredibly luscious and natural.

Saves Time

The best part of having your eyelash extensions is that it saves time off your morning beauty routine. No more waking up early to put on your makeup. You will not have to worry about fake lash strips or putting on a lick of makeup. In fact, most of the women who have had their eyelash extensions do not wear as much makeup as before. They prefer to let their gorgeous lashes stand out on their own. These lashes are already thick and long enough that they eliminate the need for eyeliner to add the illusion of luscious lashes.


It Saves You Money

While most people will balk at the price of having lashes installed, the truth is that you will end up saving more money by getting one. Given that eyelash extensions look perfectly framed and defined by themselves, you will not need to buy tubes of mascara or eyeliners to highlight your lashes anymore. The days of layering mascara and the risk of raccoon eyes or spots are over. You can save this money and put it into something else.

Allows You to Live Your Life

Finally, the biggest advantage of these extensions is that they will enable you to live your life to the fullest. Our lash extensions look natural and are weightless. In fact, the chances are that you will forget that you are even wearing them. You can do anything you would typically do with your natural eyelashes like swimming, exercising, sitting in the hot tub or sauna without having to worry about your lashes falling out.


Lash extensions allow you to live your life without any restrictions and still looking fabulous while doing it. They are a genuine evolution in the beauty industry. They have been an absolute game-changer for most women. Thanks to these extensions, women are now able to save time, money and effort each day. Although they might have a bad rep for ruining your natural lashes, it all comes down to who is your lash extensions professional. It is crucial that you take the time to do your research on the different eyelash extension specialists in your area.


If you live in the city of Vaughan or Toronto, we highly recommend HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy for all your eyelashes extension needs. We specialize in only the best material in eyelashes to give your perfectly shaped lashes as well as ensure your natural lashes are not affected in any way. Contact us today to book an appointment or for any other inquiries that you may have concerning our services.