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Permanent Makeup Training

Interested in beginning a career in the beauty industry? HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy provides a place for aspiring cosmetic professionals to learn the craft and art of permanent makeup through the first-hand experience. Permanent makeup beginners’ course is designed so that upon completion of the 4-day training course you’ll be prepared to begin your journey as a permanent makeup professional.

If you decide to advance your skills on a specific zone down the road. You have a chance to take and advanced permanent makeup course individual zone which will give you a chance to learn from the best cosmetic professionals in Canada, hands-on, and take your journey of being a beauty professional to the next level with HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy.

Our certified permanent makeup professionals are eager to meet you and ready to teach you everything you need to know about the permanent cosmetics industry. Invest in yourself and your future in the beauty industry with a wide range of our available Permanent Makeup Courses.


HD Beauty’s fully trained permanent makeup specialists are here to teach you the ins-and-outs of the fastest growing trends in the cosmetology industry today. You’ll learn these techniques hands-on and in person from an experienced and knowledgeable teacher whose main job is to educate you. To ensure that our instructors are able to give personal attention to each and every student, our classes are no larger than 2 or 3 people. Permanent makeup training will open your eyes to all of the techniques, tools, and procedures that go into the vast world of permanent cosmetics.

Hands on Icon Hands-on Experience
Materials included Icon Materials included
Class of 2-3 people Icon Class of 2-3 people
Theory and practice Icon Theory and practice
Certification of completion Icon Certification of completion

Choose from 12 months to 36 months Payment Plan

Starting at 0% financing on regular price course

starting 9.99 % financing for discounted price course

Beginners Permanent Makeup Course


There’s a lot that goes into the different permanent makeup procedures. Our permanent makeup training courses cover a wide variety of topics from all across the cosmetics industry. Important ideas like skin disorders, sterilization theory, and color theory are just a few examples of the critical information discussed in our training program. The Beginners course covers three main areas: eyebrows, eyeliner, and the lips. Each area that we cover will have an entire day dedicated to it to ensure you get the basics of permanent makeup down right.


HD Beauty’s permanent makeup course is designed to turn regular people aspiring to have a career in the beauty industry to permanent makeup professionals. Upon completion of the course, you’ll be a certified and educated permanent makeup professional. Learn the hottest permanent makeup procedures from around the globe with HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy. Our professionals are waiting to teach you all about the permanent cosmetic industry!


• 4 Days In-Class Course

• Powder Eyebrows

• Shaded and Classic Eyeliner

• Lips Blush

• Theory and Practice on Live Models on all three zones

• Up to 3 Live models provided by HDBeauty Academy

• PMU Device, needles and pigments included in the kit

• Learn everything about the Permanent Makeup field starting from Health and Safety to Building your own business and starting your new career.

DAY 1. in class TRAINING

• Health Safety and Sterilization theory

• Online exam for Blood borne pathogens done online at home

• Skin theory

• Skin disorders and what to avoid

• PMU history

• Different needles

• Difference between microblading and permanent makeup

• Procedure setup

• Initial consultation with a client

• Brow mapping and how to achieve symmetrical brows

• Eyeliner and Lips Mapping

• Practice on Paper and Latex

• Color Theory and appropriate pigments

• Marketing and Business Management

• Insurance Regulations

• Pictures and Videos for your Social Media Channels

Day 2. In-Class

• Practice Eyebrows on Latex with Instructor

• Quiz on proper hand posture and movement

• Practice on Live Model Under Instructor’s supervision

Day 3. In-Class

• Practice Lips on a Latex

• Model #2: Practice Lip Under Instructor’s Supervision

• Proper Consultation and Setup

Day 4. In-Class

• Practice Eyeliner on a Latex

• Model #3: Practice Eyeliner Under Instructor’s Supervision

• Proper Consultation and Setup

• Theory Exam

• Certification Ceremony on successful finish on all three zone models

*Bloodborne certificate for Health Canada must be paid on your own and at home prior coming to class.
This is only a general course overview and the content is subject to change.

Advanced Permanent Makeup Course


After you’ve taken the beginner class, you’ll be ready to get to work. But those people that are hungry to learn more can enroll in HD Beauty’s Advanced Permanent Makeup courses. Our advanced courses dive into – you guessed it – more advanced information. Advanced permanent makeup courses focus on just one of the three main areas (eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips). These courses go into great detail in regards to each part of the body to ensure that every new technique and trend is passed on from the instructor to the student. Advanced permanent makeup one zone course starts at $1700.


The advanced training consists of 1-day one-on-one training with the instructor on one of the three zones (eyebrows, eyeliner or lips). Students will be provided with models to practice on and will go over new techniques and trends with their instructor. A class consists of a practical part only.

Customized Training 1-on-1 With The Instructor

At HD Beauty Academy we cater to the individual needs of every student. For that reason, we are happy to offer customized individual training for every program that we offer at HD Beauty Academy. All dates and pricing will be quoted depending on the program or combinations of programs you choose. Please send us an email or give us a call for more information.

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