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If you are looking to have your tattoo removed in Toronto, it is crucial that you find a clinic that offers reliable and professional laser tattoo removal services. The tattoo removal industry has advanced enormously in the last couple of years. Most laser tattoo removal clinics have advanced with the changing times. Still, some clinics are still using outdated tattoo removal methods. When seeking laser tattoo removal services, it is crucial that you ensure you are getting only the best and safest treatment possible.

The Right Technology

The first and most important thing you need to know when choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic in Toronto is what type of technology they are using. Laser equipment uses powerful bursts of energy to break down the pigments embedded within a tattoo, which are then expelled by your body. While all tattoo removal lasers use waves to break down the ink, what sets them apart is the wavelength used.

When you get a colored tattoo, the different shades of ink colors settle in the various layers of your skin. To successfully remove the ink shades, the tattoo removal technician needs to use a machine that properly combines different wavelengths. There are two main types of laser equipment used to remove tattoos today.

PicoSure Technology

This equipment offers one wavelength which is equivalent to 755. Hence, it is not able to target specific ink shades such as red ink which is embedded at the top skin layer and may not go as deep to hit the black colors that settle deep in your skin. It is, therefore, less likely to remove a tattoo that contains orange and red in its shades.

Q-Switched Technology

This equipment features all the necessary wavelengths needed to effectively remove a multicolored tattoo. It has the best in class power and is built for safety and reliability. While it delivers very short pulses at high peak power, it has no thermal contact with surrounding tissue. This reduces the risk of skin damage and scarring while providing maximum impact on unwanted ink particles.

Find a company with experienced, certified and qualified tattoo removal technicians

Always choose a clinic like HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy that only invests in the best, world-class trained technicians in the industry who are certified and qualified to perform safe laser tattoo removal. Choosing only the best ensures that you are receiving the highest quality of care with the best possible treatment outcomes.

 Know what to expect before starting the treatment

Before choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic, find out if they will provide consultations with you and explain in details about the tattoo removal process. You should also know whether they will offer you realistic expectations as well as what to expect throughout the entire process. This will help you decide on whether to go on with this clinic, or look for other laser tattoo removal professionals.

Realistic treatment times

Choose a clinic that sets realistic laser tattoo removal times. There are some factors that contribute to the number of treatments you will need to receive in order to completely laser your tattoo. These include skin type, ink type, colors, the size of the tattoo, the location of the tattoo, your general lifestyle habits and any existing scars in the tattoo area. Remember that no two tattoos are the same. When choosing a laser removal tattoo, make sure the clinic has enough professional experience to give you an accurate estimate on how long your laser tattoo removal session would be.

Do they offer initial consultation?

A reliable laser tattoo removal clinic will require an initial consultation to see and understand your tattoo, what you want to achieve and your medical condition. This initial consultation is just as important for you as it will give you some insight on the clinic’s level of professionalism, experience, and expertise before entrusting them with the procedure. Here are some of the things you can expect during the consultation:

  • An assessment of your tattoo
  • A discussion of your expectations
  • The number of treatments you will need, costs, and any issues that may hinder the removal process
  • An assessment of your skin type
  • Detailed advice on laser tattoo removal aftercare after each treatment

In the recent years, tattoo removal has become easier, thanks to the laser technology. The ease and removal of the tattoo mostly depend on the tattoo removal technician expertise and their experience. At HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy, we pride ourselves on offering only the best laser tattoo removal treatments in Toronto and Vaughan. We use state-of-the-art technology and specially formulated skin care products during and after the treatment to help ease the redness, swelling as well as promote faster healing. Visit our clinic today to jump start on your laser tattoo removal treatment.

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