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While not all lips are shaped perfectly, this can be corrected with permanent makeup lips procedures like these:

  • The redefinition of irregular lips
  • To restore faded lips giving them a fresher, supple and younger appearance
  • Make lips look fuller
  • Lift drooping corners

This is all accomplished by implanting natural custom blended pigments of color to achieve amazingly beautiful and defined lips. But before getting this procedure done, there are a few things you need to know:

Permanent makeup lips are meant to enhance lips and not to create actual fullness

The permanent makeup lips procedure is not meant to create volume and puffiness in your lips, but instead, to define them and give them the illusion of fullness. Since our permanent makeup technicians start the process by outlining the borders of your lips, it helps to give them a fuller look.

You can get lip color that is close to your natural lip color

While you can get lip color that almost resembles your normal color, you should know that it will not last long. Hence, the more natural your lip color, the more touch-ups you will need to keep them looking fuller. Normally, people who opt for a natural looking color that resemble their own have to come back for touch ups at least once a year to refresh the color. We highly recommend that you tattoo your lips with a color that is a shade of two darker or brighter, based on your normal skin tone.

Make sure your permanent makeup technician uses pigment and not traditional ink tattoo

A few years back, permanent makeup application used traditional tattoo ink, which made it look unnatural. This ink is excellent for a body tattoo since it has water consistency. Pigment, on the other hand, is thicker, which enables it to give you a more natural fine finish. However, pigment tends to bleed out of your skin after a year or a year and a half.

Lips are particularly sensitive when compared to other parts of the body. At HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy we pride ourselves on our wide variety of cosmetic tools. On request, we use a medicinal anesthetic to help minimize the pain and make your experience more comfortable for you. What’s more, getting an medical-grade aesthetic allows for the procedure to be done much faster.

During the initial appointment, our trained and expert permanent makeup technicians assess your skin to give you a more accurate timeline of your healing. We highly recommend that our Toronto clients who are looking to get their lips done plan it on a Thursday or Friday. This allows the swelling and drying to decrease over the weekend. Note that your lips will look and feel dry and chapped throughout the healing process. Also, the color will get lighter, and as your skin heals.

If you are vulnerable to cold sores, ensure that you take medication to stop an outbreak. The spur from the needle tends to bring about cold sores, which can disrupt the entire procedure, which might make the healing process even worse. The same applies to people who have had any new lip modifications like surgery.

It is not for every skin tone

Permanent makeup lips do not work well for people with darker skin tones. This is because they are highly likely to hyper-pigment. The tattoo needle grazes your skin so that as it heals, a lot more pigment is produced. For people with darker skin tones, the lips can actually get darker.

If you are looking to get professionally done permanent makeup lips, HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy  boasts of the most experienced and highly trained specialists in Toronto and York Region. The permanent makeup lips procedure will be conducted by licensed professionals, to ensure you are completely safe throughout the process. Contact us today or give us a call at (416) 475-5820 for more information on permanent makeup lips.

You can contact us at (416) 475-5820 to book your consultation with one of our beauty specialists today.

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