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It is only natural for anyone to want to look younger, but most of the population cannot bear the idea of undergoing plastic surgery to rejuvenate their appearance. Apart from the various risks involved in such surgeries such as postoperative complications including inhibitions towards anesthesia, the most important reason why people don’t want to opt for plastic surgery is because of the expenses involved in these surgeries.

Alternatively, one can opt for other ways that are less costly and way safer than plastic surgery to look younger and livelier. Check out these 8 essential tips to look younger naturally that are both pocket-friendly and effective.

1.Shaping the eyebrows:

One of the first things that show our age is our eyebrows. While using an eyeshadow or pencil can offer a temporary solution, it is better to opt for a more permanent makeup such as microblading. This process is not only safe but also provides lasting natural looking shapely eyebrows. For those that live in Vaughan or Toronto area, making an appointment with the HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy can give them access to the best professional makeup artists who have expertise in permanent eyebrow makeup.

2.Opting for face contouring:

Another great way to appear younger is by highlighting the cheekbones. This makeup technique not only helps to slim down the face through contouring, but also adds youthful looks to the face. This makeup technique is mostly centered on the cheekbone area and there are several makeup tutorials on various social media that show exactly how to use face contouring for getting a glowing, youthful face.

3.Making the eyes more prominent:

Wrinkled, hollow eyes reveal the aging process. A temporary way to get prominently shaped eyes is through the use of liquid eye liners, but we all know how time-consuming this process can be. However, with advanced technology, one can opt for a more permanent way to add eyeliner makeup. A visit to the permanent makeup beauty salon will give you access to well- qualified and trained specialists who are equipped to provide permanent eyeliner makeup with the most satisfying results.

4.Perfecting the lips:

Deflating of the lips is common when one starts aging, which is why it is important to make the lips plump in order to appear younger. Opting for a permanent lip makeup will not only bring back the color of the lips, but will also give the lips a proper definition. So, instead of sitting in front of the mirror with the lip liner for hours that will wash away the effects with a glass of juice, it is better to consider a permanent lip makeup that will help one flaunt plump lips to kiss goodbye to the aging process.

5.Consuming more vegetables and colorful fruits:

It has been proved that the body can be best protected from free radicals through the presence of more antioxidants in the body. Presence of free radicals means quickening the aging process. A good way to introduce more antioxidants to the body to ward of free radicals is by consuming more fresh vegetables and colorful fruits. This will keep one from aging at a faster rate.

6.Saying no to sugar:

Various studies show that sugar consumption leads to aging of the skin through glycation and inflammation. So, there is no need to emphasize the fact that averting sugar is necessary not only to slow the aging process but also keep the body in shape.

7.Sking exfoliation is good:

As we start aging the process of new skin cell production slows down. This leads to the accumulation of dead cells on the skin surface, making ups appear more wrinkled and drier. Skin exfoliation can help reduce such roughness on the skin. One can choose from the various scrubs available in stores, or prepare one at home, but the point is to exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times every week.

8.Increasing healthy fat intake:

Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats have qualities that can decrease inflammation, moisturize and soothe one’s skin. These healthy fats are found in olive oil, nuts, fish (such as tuna and salmon) and avocados. Therefore, instead of consuming saturated fats (pork, beef, etc.), one should add any of the above-mentioned natural foods to their daily diet for a glowing and youthful skin.

The above-mentioned ways to gain youthful looks are easy and achievable. If one is interested in permanent makeup to look younger and gorgeous in no time, check our services for more information and book your visit to a well-reputed permanent makeup academy in Vaughan.